15 Amazing Facts About Chickens you Did Not Know A Minute Ago!

There are many things we do not know about chickens. Here are someinteresting facts about chickens:

1. The modern broiler chickens that we consume today have been selectively bred to grow incredibly fast. A broiler chicken can reach a weight of over 2 kg in just 35 days. This is nearly four times faster than chickens in the 1950s.

2. The mating rituals of chickens are quite fascinating. Hens often run from cocks not just to test their strength, but also as part of a complex mating dance. The rooster's ability to catch the hen is seen as a sign of his fitness and suitability as a mate. This behavior is not just about physical strength, but also about demonstrating persistence and determination, traits that are likely to be passed on to their offspring.

3. Interestingly, roosters can reach sexual maturity at different rates, similar to humans. They may begin mating with hens around five or six months of age .

4. The sex of a chicken can be determined genetically by genes on one of the two sex chromosomes.              

5.Chickens are quite vocal creatures. They have a variety of calls for different situations, such as signaling danger or announcing that they're about to lay an egg .

6. Chickens are also capable of predicting the weather. If a rooster crows immediately after sunset, it's believed that the weather will change. If it crows after 9 PM, rain is expected, and if it crows after 10 PM, clear weather is anticipated .

7. The term "chicken" is not gender-specific and can refer to both hens and roosters. A boy chick is known as a cockerel until he is 1 year old; at this point, he becomes a cock or rooster, depending on where you live. A girl chick is known as a pullet until she lays her first egg, at which point she becomes a hen .

8. The ratio of hens to roosters in a flock can vary depending on the purpose of the flock. If the goal is to produce eggs without reproduction, a flock can consist entirely of hens. If the goal is to breed chickens, a common ratio is 10 hens for every rooster.

9. The sperm of a rooster can remain viable inside a hen for several weeks. This means that if a hen mates with two different roosters in a short period of time, her eggs could be fertilized by either rooster.

10. There are more chickens on earth than any other bird species. In fact, chickens outnumber humans by nearly three to one.

11. Chickens are speedsters: Chickens can run up to 9 miles per hour when they need to escape a predator or catch a tasty insect.

12. Chickens have impressive memories: Chickens can remember and recognize over 100 faces, both of other chickens and humans.

13. There are more than 30 types of vocalizations that chickens use to communicate with each other, each with its own distinct meaning.

14. KFC Secret Recipe: The famous fast-food chain, KFC, keeps its original recipe of 11 herbs and spices a secret. Only a handful of people know the actual recipe, and it’s locked away in a vault in Louisville, Kentucky.

15. There about 175 varieties of chicken worldwide, and an average chicken lays about 300 eggs per year. It takes about 21days for chicks to hatch.

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