As students, we all strive to be the best in our class, and the pressure to perform can lead to a competitive mindset. In our quest for success, we often seek shortcuts, especially when time is limited. For those who can't study during the day, finding ways to stay awake and focused can become an obsession. I know this all too well, as I recently experienced the negative consequences of excessive caffeine consumption during my examination period.


Examination was coming nearer and due to how congested work has been for me. I couldn't read until the exam was 2 days ahead, so in order to make up for the lost time, I turned to high-caffeine energy drinks to help me stay awake and focused. 


Thinking I had found the ultimate solution to my problems, I ignored the warning of the labels:

Not to be taken in excess

Not for children

Not for pregnant women.


 consuming two cans a day.


And I must say the consequences were really severe: dizziness,chest pain, weight loss, sleepwalking, and headaches. I even experienced memory loss, struggling to recall what I had studied. The worst part was that My exam results were disappointing, and I was left with a carryover.


Weeks later, I realized that my excessive caffeine consumption was the root cause of my problems. I regretted sacrificing my health and well-being for a temporary energy boost. 



Just so you know, my main motive for writing about my experience is to let you understand that high caffeine content can lead to do many issues  and some of this includes:


high blood pressure,



and more. 


I wish I had known the risks earlier and taken a more balanced approach to my studies.


My experience serves as a cautionary tale: excessive caffeine consumption can have severe consequences. I advise students to prioritize their health and seek more sustainable ways to stay focused and motivated. Don't make the same mistake I did – take caffeine in moderation and avoid the negative effects it can have on your body and mind.


Remember, a healthy body and mind are essential for success – don't compromise them for temporary gains.

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