Dogecoin Drops Towards $0.05900

Biggest Movers:Doge Drops Towards &0.05900

Dogecoin was down for a third straight session, despite Elon musk starting earlier this week that Tesla was still holding the token 

Dogecoin (Doge) was in the news this week as Tesla Elon musk confirmed that after selling 75% of it's Bitcoin and the company is still holding to Dogecoin and not ready to sell it anytime soon 

  However,since then prices of the token have fallen in consecutive sessions,with today's drop pushing DOGE/USD to a low of $0.06639

Overall,the token is still up 7.34% from the same period last week,which come following a surge to a weekly hig of $0.0775 on Thursday 

"I still own & won't sell any of my dogecoin🐕" he tweeted 






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