Earth's Dome!

It's fascinating how we've all gradually pushed the issue "Climate change" to the gutter. I get it. we've got a life to live, money to make, memes to read (our ultimate boredom killer or is it sex? well, yeah), certifications to grab, companies to start, investments to make and ohh our families as-well-as the less previlage to take care of.




 What happens when the planet which we want all of this things comes crashing down!

Okay, we'll all move to "mars" right? I mean Elon has hotels up there 'so I heard' chuckles...funny you! Like you have the funds for that.

 As a result of our insatiable hunger to be more focused on the growth of our special specie (the so called human race) so much that this sphere of life (earth) ends up losing its own purpose of existence (To accommodate life). 


I know right? What the f*ck is this guy even saying?


I ain't no story teller but I'll leave you with this GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL.

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