How to kiss a girl

Kissing is a art, that solidifies love and passion in a relationship.

Learning to kiss ain't a bad idea if you are seeking to improve your kissing game or you are going for your first kiss.

FACT: Your first kiss doesn't need to be perfect neither does it have to be bad.

I'm going to give you a steps on how to have a good first kiss or improve.




                                The Right Atmosphere


1. Setting the right Atmosphere: it is awkward and disrespectful to kiss a girl that's don't love or know you out of the blues, here's why flirting is important.


 Flirting sets the atmosphere between you both and give the girl hints concerning your feelings, compliment her, say good things that send her signals about your intentions. Make sure to be genuine when you compliment her. Tell her how cute/smart she is, if shylishly smiles away , then you just got yourself a point. 😊

 Also make sure to spend as much time with her as possible.


2. Privacy : Never kiss a girl for the first time in public, she will be shocked and embarrassed.

The best time to do this is only when you both are alone, so even if she is shocked when you kiss her, she won't have to face embarrassment in front of a crowd.


3. Eye contact: Eye contact is very important as it can covey your message.

Lock your eyes with her and don't look away, also make sure to smile without showing your teeth, this should send the message.

Don't stare for too long, or you may scare her and come of as creepy.

Also watch out for her response, if you smiles back its a good sign to proceed.

Read her body language, if she turns away while smiling, she likes you.

If she turns away without smiling, or doesn't respond, you should immediately back out.


4. Never tell her you want to kiss her: You will not want to do such thing as it give you off as not being confident. Girls love confident men and if you must ask don't be direct. Instead of saying "Can i kiss you" , you could say "You look so cute, i feel like kissing you right now", then watch out for her response , if she smile casually then she ain't interested but if she shylishly smiles away or freezes while staring at you or look at your lips then she's into you.✅



Note: Only if the above situations are met should you go ahead, you shouldn't kiss someone that isn't into you.


                                    The KISS 😘


1. Hold her, Try to locate her hands, hold them if they are in front of her, if they are at her side, put yourarms around her waist, this gets you guys closer.

Its awkward to put your hands by your side whilst kissing her.

Note: Make sure your breath smells nice, a mint can could in handy


2. Relax your face, don't be nervous, also make sure the girl is also comfortable. Do not purse your lips together, make them flexible.

Avoid jerking and keep your mouth closed


3. Lean in and Tilt your head slightly opposite her head, avoid poking into her nose or cheek with your nose. Close your eyes as your lips are about to meet.


4. Press your lips into hers without apply too much pressure, embrace her with your arms around her waist and keep your lips as soft as possible.

Release her lips after 5 seconds to allow her catch her breath, lean your head on hers and don't let go of the embrace.

Pay attention to her Body language, if she is shylishly looking down then she's done for now, kiss on the forehead, hug her and probably take her fir a walk whlie holding her hands.


If she's looking at your lips or eyes then she wants more, go for a second one.

Lift her if you can; if she resists, don't. Try french kissing by introducing your tongue into her mouth subtly, don't poke your tongue into her mouth as you don't want to choke her. Alternate sides after 10-20 seconds.


Good luck 🤞






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