How to make Bamboo Agarbatti stand

To make a bamboo agarbatti stand, you will need:


1-Bamboo sticks

2-Glue or thread


4-Optional: decorations such as beads or ribbons



Cut the bamboo sticks into desired lengths. You will need at least four sticks for the base of the stand and two sticks for the holder.


To make the base, lay two bamboo sticks parallel to each other and glue or tie them together using thread. Repeat with the other two sticks to create a square base.


To make the holder, lay one bamboo stick horizontally and glue or tie the other stick vertically to it, creating a cross shape.


Attach the holder to the base by gluing or tying it to the center of the square base.


If desired, you can decorate the bamboo agarbatti stand with beads or ribbons by tying them onto the sticks.


Allow the glue or thread to dry completely before using the stand.


That's it! Your bamboo agarbatti stand is now ready to use. You can place your agarbattis (incense sticks) in the holder and light them as desired.


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