Is bullish trust legit?

What is Bullish trust?

Bullish Trust is an auto trading system that helps and teaches you how to trade in crypto currency.

In trading, bullish means when a coin rise up.

How does bullish trust works?

Bullish Trust helps you to trade and also gives you trading ebooks whenever you deposit into the website. 

When you invest in thier website, you earn 7.5% of your investment daily till it completes 40 days before it expires which means you will have to reactive your investment by making another deposit. 


Bullish Trust can be tagged as a legit system because no negative information has been found in the website which means they do thier best to make sure thier members are comfortable with the website. 


No this website cannot be tagged as a scam platform because they haven't been any complaints from thier members.

Bullish Trust withdrawals

Minimum withdrawal is N2,000

With no maximum withdrawal. 

Bullish trust

Bullish trust


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