Avoid online scams.

Before venturing into any proclaimed paying website they are few things you should consider this includes:


  • Its legitimacy and reputation. 

  • It's terms and conditions.

  • It's payment and compensation. 


One most important thing most people fail to check about when wondering or venturing into any proclaimed paying website or app is the legitimacy and reputation. Many people just  tend to jump into any websites they hear pays and they fail to ask these questions: is this website legit or not? and is this website well known or not? 


This unasked question tends to be finally answered in a brutal way as most people are scammed and duped off their time, data and funds.

Before investing your time, data, and funds into a proclaimed paying website or app, it's crucial to verify its legitimacy and reputation. Here are some steps to take:

1. Research: Check online reviews, testimonials, and red flags like negative feedback or scam alerts.

2. Registration: Verify if the website has a business license, physical address, and contact information.

3. Domain: Use tools like DomainTools to check the domain's age and history for suspicious activity.

4. Social Media: Look for an active and verified social media presence with a significant following.

5. Recognition: See if the website has industry affiliations, awards, or certifications.

6. Communication: Check for transparency in payment terms, compensation, and responsive customer support.

7. Gut Feeling: Trust your instincts if something feels off or too good to be true..


Most people including me neglect and ignore this aspect because most of the time the terms and conditions are bulky and boren but as a person looking for a considerable paying website you should know their terms and conditions in order to know exactly where you stand.


Don't assume that terms and conditions are just standard boilerplate language. Each website has its unique requirements and rules, and it's essential to be aware of them. Take the time to read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions before proceeding. Your financial well-being and online security depend on it."



This is another aspect most people look into but don't put interest in. Here are some things you should focus under the payment aspect:


1. Payment Method: How will you get paid? PayPal, bank transfers, or checks? Check for any fees.


2. Payment Frequency: When will you receive your payment? Daily, weekly, or monthly?


3. Minimum Payout: What's the minimum amount you need to earn before getting paid?


4. Bonuses: Are there any extra rewards for hitting targets like word count or quality?


5. Payment Terms: Do you need to meet any specific conditions before getting paid?


 Please note it is considered a red flag if a company/website ask for gas fee(funds) before payment so please be warned.

Stay safe 

Love Desylv Writes 

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