Health has many definitions by different writers from there own perspective. Health is simply the physical and mental state and social well being of man , good health helps us to live a fulfilled life.

World Health organization defined health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity and they gave further explanation of health as a resource for everyday life, not the objective of living. Health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities.that means that health plays 99% role in individual daily life in the society. We shall be looking at different types of health.


1. Mental health

2. Physical health

3. Financial health

4. Emotional health

5. Spiritual health.

Mental and physical health are the two most important types of health discussed in the world today because it support an individual’s function in wider society. 

In absence of mental and physical health, spiritual, emotional and financial health won't be mentioned when you are mentally and physically health ok you can talk about finances, business, emotion and your spiritual aspect of life .

MENTAL HEALTH: Mental health includes emotional, our psychological, and social well-being. How we think, feel, and act. It also helps us on how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy preference. Is all about how people think, behave or feel. So many health experts today helps us on how to control depression, disorder that affects our behavior and emotion. Mental health has big role to play in every man daily activities , relationships and physical health. 

Good mental health or when you are mentally healthy help a person maintain their ability to enjoy life. This involves balancing their activities, responsibilities, and efforts to achieve psychological resilience. There are a lot of factors that can cause mental disorder such as depression, anxiety and stress. Looking after your mental health can help you enjoy life and perform your daily activities well. Limit your daily stress , don't over stress your brain to avoid mental disorder. There are things to do when you are depressed or frustrated, many countries or individuals faces a lot depression but you don't allow it to weigh you down always look for means to make yourself happy or move on when you feel depressed, you can always seek for a counselor when you are depressed if you can't personally handle such situation, control your relationship/emotional life style, relationship is never do or die affair, you can walk away from any relationship that isn't working don't allow it to affect your mental health.

Let's try to control or look after our mental aspect of life because is like an engine block in man's daily life functions. Secondly -

PHYSICAL HEALTH: It involves the growth , feels and the movement of the body. It could be simply said to be the functioning of the body. Learn today how to take care of it, physical health is all about the state of health, and well being especially the capacity to run or daily activities, physical fitness, sports and our occupation. 

Three ways to access physical health are (1) general assessment, (2) disease risk factor, and (3) fitness assessment .

Nutrition and diet should be monitored, medical self care, drugs and alcohol also affects or physical health and it needs to controlled because it causes harm to the organs of the body, such as liver, kidney and heart. When these organs are damaged it leads to death or body system break down ,be very careful on what you eat or drink to maintain good physical health.

Physical fitness such as sports or body exercise is very important to our physical health, it keeps you fit and good body balance also makes our organs function properly. Engaged in body exercise once or twice weekly . Ways to exercise the body : dancing, going for a walk, going to gym house, games like football, volleyball, swimming, etc.

Medical check up is very necessary in our physical health it's helps us to know our health status and always sick for medical advice. 

Finally let's regulate the quantity of alcohol we consume, avoid self medical care, find out the quality of food or nutrition your system requires or your system lacks. Adhere to doctors instruction concerning your health, know your classes of food, maintain a healthy environment. 

I will be writing some health challenges in my next write up don't miss it.



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