My Experiences

1. Traveling to 34 cities

2. Writing articles for Shamshad TV in Afghanistan.

4. Working at AAEC (Ahmadullah Ahmadi Educational center).

5. Delivering over 20 presentations.

7. Being lucky enough to fall in love.

1. Celebrate a huge win

2. Chase your passion wholeheartedly 

3. Smile at someone and compliment

4. Be fearless

5. Be vulnerable

6. Never eat alone

7. Share an Uber ride with someone

8. Conquer a fear

9. Commit to a real workout routine

10. Learn to share your story

11. Make a trip to the snowy mountains

12. Host a dinner party

 13. Play a team sport

14. Go to a live sporting

15. Learn to cook one dish really well

16. Try new food

17. Fall deeply in love

18. Learn a different language

19. Mentor someone

20. Give a speech



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