the secret behind human Aging

Aging is the result of a large number of causes and it seems that tackling one or more of them should not beofgreatimportance. Taken literally, this suggests, for example, that free radicals and reactive oxygen species do not play a significant role in aging and that the lifespan of organisms cannot be extendedsignificantly. In this overview, I emphasize that the causes of aging worktogether and discuss the implications.An implication of

is that as two or more synergistic causes increase over time, their effect increases greatly; I will discuss a simple model demonstrating this. It is reasonable to conclude that this could explain the acceleration in aging and mortality with age.In this regard, analysis of outcomes and mortality patterns reported in yeast and Drosophila studiessupports this view. Since the causes of aging worksynergistically, it is also claimed that none of them are the maincause but many ofthem including free radicals etc. play animportantrole. It follows that if we eliminate or even slowdown the growth of most or even one of the causes of aging,life/healthexpectancycanbesignificantlyextended. While the mainthemeofthisreviewisthesynergy between the causes of aging,some related topics are also briefly discussed.

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