We Can Only Be Killed If We Sleep With A Woman Seeing Her Menses- Two Kidnappers Tells Angry Mob

Two notorious Kidnappers who also rob people were caught in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state capital, the criminals received more than what they asked for after a failed robbery operation earlier on Tuesday. According to reports, the gang specialized in picking pockets, kidnapping and stealing from unsuspecting victims in the area before their arrest.

They were brutally beaten by some group of angry mob after an alarm was raised. One of the thieves was beaten mercilessly and immediately slumped after consciousness was knocked out of him.

The hoodlums were later taken to a police station because the could not be killed.


The suspects according to reports ran out luck while trying to kidnap a victim around jubilee school road located in Yenagoa the Bayelsa State Capital. The victim who raised an alarm immediately he saw the gun men coming after him successfully caused their arrest. Angry residents who heard the man shouting and screaming for help came out in masses and attacked the Criminals.


They were five in numbers, two luckily escaped while the other three were caught and given the beatings of their life.

The most shocking thing that got everybody wondering was that the mobs were still sound and healthy even with the level of beatings given to them by mob.

It was so strange that the angry mob began to interrogate them, threatening to use heavy stick on them before the finally confessed.

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