"Why I Refrain from Congratulating Tinubu on His Presidential Victory" – Bode George: A Principled Stand for Effective Governance and the Rule of Law

In a thought-provoking and insightful statement, Chief Bode George, former Southern Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), bares his mind on his rationale for choosing not to extend congratulations to Bola Tinubu, the President-Elect.

During an interview on Arise Television, George holds that his decision is not founded upon personal animosity or vindictiveness towards Tinubu, but rather on a profound disagreement with the governance methodologies employed and how national resources are managed for the betterment of the people.


Drawing upon his extensive experience and astute political acumen, he lays bare his reservations about the efficacy of Tinubu's approach in effectively transforming the lives of the people, particularly in Lagos where both leaders share a historical connection.


Highlighting the existing degradation and developmental shortcomings in his local government, the PDP chief reflects upon his earnest discussions with Femi Gbajabiamila, regarding the improvements he ardently wishes to witness in Lagos.


At the core of George's concerns lies an unwavering commitment to uplifting Lagos as a world-class city and enhancing the quality of life for its inhabitants. He passionately advocates for empowering the people and ensuring that their well-being takes precedence in governance.


However, when the governance approach falls short of realising these lofty goals and financial mismanagement persists, George finds it difficult to offer congratulations that may be perceived as compromising his principles and integrity.


It is vital to emphasise that George's objections are firmly rooted in his unwavering dedication to Christian principles that discourage seeking vengeance. Rather than succumbing to personal grudges or resorting to retaliatory measures, George demonstrates the strength of his character by adhering to the values instilled in him through his politically inclined upbringing in Lagos.


He pays homage to the teachings of his family, which nurtured within him a profound respect for what is right, just, and equitable, accentuating that his decision to withhold congratulations is not intended as a personal attack on BAT, but rather as a steadfast commitment to upholding the sacred rule of law.


A stalwart of, and ardent believer in the principles of democracy as a system of governance by the people and for the people, George passionately advocates for impartial justice, symbolised by the blindfolded Lady of Justice wielding the sword and scale, as he ardently supports waiting for the Supreme Court to provide its final verdict before drawing any conclusions, thereby reinforcing his unwavering commitment to fairness and due process.


For the present, George unyieldingly maintains his position of refraining from extending congratulations to Tinubu. With unwavering resolve, he asserts that he, Bode George, will steadfastly remain true to his principles and commitment to justice, placing the interests of the people and the pursuit of effective governance at the forefront of his advocacy.


In an era where political expediency often trumps principled stands, George's unwavering commitment serves as a testament to his integrity and unwavering dedication to the ideals he holds dear.

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