Love 💖 indeed a beautiful thing and everyone wants to love and be loved back. But the major challenge is that people don’t know how to build and maintain a healthy relationship. 

Here are 20 tips to help you build a healthy relationship; 

1. Communication: A relationship that lacks communication is bound to fail because it is the bedrock of every relationship. Always call your spouse to know how he/she is fairing. 

2. Don’t wait until he/ she asks you for a gift or money; give your spouse gifts or money on regular basis. 

3. Kiss 💋 your woman on her forehead and always remind her how  beautiful she is. 

4. Don’t wait until she misses you before you make out time to see her because women likes care and attention. 

5. Don’t ever tell your girlfriend that she’s boring or try comparing her to your ex. 

6. Treat your spouse the same way you would treat your siblings. 

7. Always forgive your spouse whenever then offend and asks for forgiveness. 

8. Spend quality time with your spouse and make sure each time you spend with your spouse is memorable. 

9. Don’t make her cry 😢.

10. If your spouse is in pain, don’t leave him/her to face the pains alone; always be there for your spouse. 

11. Don’t be ashamed of introducing your spouse to your friends 👬 

12. Don’t make empty promises to your woman 👩. Don’t promise her what you can’t afford. 

13. Hold hands with your spouse while walking on the streets as it shows that you are proud of your relationship. 

14. Tell her how special she is and don’t ever lie to your spouse as it will make her stop trusting you. 

15. Becareful with your girlfriend’s heart 💓 because it’s very fragile. 

16. Text your girlfriend in the morning and tell her how much you missed her. 

17. Be cautious enough; don’t ever lay your hands on your spouse in anger. 

18. Correct your spouse privately  even though they went wrong in public. 

19. Don’t flirt. 

20. Don’t engage your girlfriend with a ring when you are not yet convinced that she is marriageable. This act can bring shame to her and also it might make her go through emotional 😭 stress . 

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