Being a girl child is such an amazing journey, I call it a journey because it is a lifelong process.

As a flower, she grows from infancy to become a little girl child, then she evolves into a beautiful teenager who further transcends into a brave lady blooming into a woman.

Growing up, her body makes certain adjustments which can sometimes be discomforting. 

Puberty is a reality she has to live with, struggling with the thought of how a little girl who used to play and dance in the rain has to comport herself because nature deems it so. The warrior in her arises as she has to combat predators and trespassers that may cross her path. Little wonder why she is embedded with so much strength and you wonder how her little body bags it in.

Transforming into a young lady, she has to deal with pre-established standards of the world stating what to do, how it ought to be done, at what age it should be done etcetera. She is scared, sometimes crying when no one is watching, courageously hoping to sail this ship to a safe dry land.

An energetic woman she becomes, groans and survives the pain of childbirth, such pain has no comparison but as soon as she holds her baby in her arms, the memories of the pain she bare slowly fade away and are immediately replaced with overwhelming joy. Such Resilence!

She is a daughter, a sister, a lady, a wife and a mother. These roles she plays judiciously as an athlete aiming to win a trophy. The girl child's growth journey is worthwhile.

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