Earth and it's formation

      Earth and its formation


  It is a beautiful place may we all leave this is talking about the Earth and the ends of the  Erthimorphology,





   once a day of joy we as humans don't usually understand the etymology of the Earth it stands as a autobiography which initiate us in 2nd divisions is stand as a formation of all these we usually know and understand one thing that we are all one in one home trying to leave as well standing under a pillar of cement it flows like a river a river with flower and all spoken word that it will be soon be spoken as a word of Miss understanding a word of knowledge of paradise which stands under one pillar,





      Etymology simply means study of the Earth study of the world however it starts as a challenge but after filled with an outrageous world filled with hatred filled with undisciplined this is my own point of view from the earth if you have your own comment and like thank you.





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Abdullahi Muhammad - Aug 3, 2022, 8:49 PM - Add Reply


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