A brief description of food.


Food is a anything consumed either in liquid or solid form to help nourish the body. Food is used for various purposes in different cultural backgrounds. It can be used to express emotions and also send messages. Certain types of foods are consumed raw while others need to be cooked for palatability.

Food helps in nourishing the body by providing nutrients needed for various purposes by the body. Different types of food contain different types of nutrients. Food is divided in to different categories according to nutrients they provide. This types include proteins,vitamins and carbohydrates.



are foods that help in repair of worn-out tissues, and also body building. Sources are divided in to two categories which include animal sources such as eggs, meat and milk. The other source is plant sources which are from cereals and legumes. 


They are energy giving foods. Sources are from grains, roots and tubers, green bananas etc. 

Vitamins and minerals 

They help in boosting the bodies immunity. 

They are commonly found in fruits and vegetables.


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