How to exchange hash cards Btcs

Exchanging of hash card helps to boost BTC systems security, speed and increases the participants mining rate to accumulate more btc block height. accumulating of these large amount of satoshi allows trading to all kinds of cryptocurrency and allows us pay for purchases and merchants that accept BTC.

It could also be held for a long time if you have plan of investing it.



The hashtag section contains different types of card like witness card, satoshi card, spider card, bettlecard,ant card.

Witness card are generated randomly by the BTC system while satoshi card can be activated to appear on your hashcard by clicking on a white paper at the top right corner of your app, repeatedly clicking on number from BTC address until you see a message indicating you have won something. then return to your hashcard, refresh it and satoshi card appears.

To exchange cash card advisable join the telegram community to enable you exchange or get exchangers through the initiate and join attach to each card. when initiating preferably select five people to receive bigger benefits, stay online to refresh and execute immediately it is filled.

While joining only involves copying another miners card address to participate in .



In the bottom you see QUOTES RANKING, MINING, NEWS, AND ME. QUOTE helps you find the index of BTC and altcoin movement that's the up-and-down price in milliseconds. RANKING helps you get information on any cryptocurrency daily, monthly or weekly. NEWS is a place where cryptocurrency news and updates are found. MINING allows participants to receive block rewards and participate in BTC giveaway. ME is where you could withdraw your money.

When you click on the MINING Option your presented with MIning,mining factory,chat,gash card,gift card.

Clicking the gift card Option shows up different hash card to exchange.

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