Message from Sadhguru . He claimed that in the human brain, there are millions of cannabis receptors. Not waiting for it from outside, it generate from within, that is why there are receptors. Essentially, human beings experience of all kinds is caused only from within. 

The only problem with alcohol,drugs everything is not a moral issue. That is good, this is bad, that is not the point. It makes one incapable in so many ways that the person cannot recognize himself. According to neurologist, they claim that always the human brain is waiting for cannabis which causes intoxication.

Not waiting for it from the outside but from within. If you do not know intoxication in life,you will never know a sense of abandon. Not because you consume substances which takes away your awareness, simply because you are keeping the system. 

It is important to learn how to bring your mind and body into your control where they take instructions from you and not you taking from them. They must serve you and not you serving them, otherwise you will live a poor life.

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