Insomnia :Causes and Treatments


insomnia is a sleeping disorder that makes an individual to have difficulty falling asleep or stay asleep.

This happens when you have overstressed yourself or overloaded yourself with works, hence giving you difficulty in sleeping.



1. mood swings

2. irritability

3. anxiety

4. a feeling of being mentally and physically unwell

5. daytime sleepiness and lethargy



This depends on the type of Insomnia an individual is experiencing 

Types of Insomnia :

   1. Acute (can last to a month)

When you are experiencing acute insomnia, you need to take a break from all your works and social activities , or everything taking all of your time and find time to always relax and sleep.

   2. Transient(less than a month)

When you experience transient insomnia, which usually when you realize you have been unable to sleep for the past few days, you make take any sleeping pills to rectify the sleeping disorder. You may see the changes within few days of the pills.

   3. Chronic(lasts more than a month

Chronic Insomia happens when you noticed you have been unable for a far period of time. Even after you have taken medications like sleeping pills and taking days off from your social activities, you still experience sleeping disorder, then you need to go see your doctor for further diagnosis and treatment. Chronic Insomnia, in most cases always accompany bigger sicknesses, hence the need to see a doctor for further information and treatments.


    High Blood Pressure

    Severe Headache

    Severe Cattarrh

    Mental disorder. 


How to Avoid Insomnia

1. Don't overstress yourself

2. Find time to relax when you feel you are overloaded with work

3. Eat healthy foods and fruits.

4. Avoid brooding and overthinking


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