You will go to hell Mummy G.O latest Nigerian Trends free download pictures

There is a preacher who is trending in Nigeria, popularly known as mummy GO, she is from the tribe of Yoruba.

Mummy G.O 


Mummy GO has given every human on earth messages that none of us will smell heaven talk more of entering there.

She also pointed out that all arsenal lovers have a special place in hell.




People that put on wigs and braid their hair with attachments will be consumed by the fiery furnace.

Mummy Go was the first mermaid in the world before she repented, she produced the first season.



Mummy Go also said all comedians and lovers of comedy have been assigned to the hottest part of hellfire, she also listed some Nigerian musicians who are candidates of hell.

She mentioned that one of Nigerian's favorite actresses Tonto Dike is an evil spirit herself but Nigerians have seen her sermons as jokes and netizens have turned her message to meme.

Welcome to hell

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