My Younger Brother Can Catch Fishes .


I like visiting people living in riverine areas because I like enjoying the enjoyables that come out from River.

There you see and eat different types of fishes and aquatic animals.


Tilapian, Stuckfish  and the rest are mainly over in the habitats.


The above pictures captures my younger brother hand work.


 Likewise during my staying over there as a Farmer, I always kill different kinds of fishes.


Nobody taught me that, I emulated it from my father.

However, the most interesting part is that those fishes are very good to the health, therefore it is good to eat them regularly.

They are proteinoui in nature.

Thus,the best habitats for Fishes is water.

When you bring them up land,the life in them Will vanish and the out Will be death.

Try always to eat fresh Fishes it will help nourish your body and keep you in a good healthy State. 

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