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I'm Mandelajnr112, and I'd want to say hello. I'm glad you found our website since you were looking for a review to help you decide whether or not to use it yourself. If you can, you've found the right site.


You will be able to think of anything you wanted to place on this rectangular diploma plan platform after reading this article. Review |What is is a financial website that promises to allow its members to invest and receive a daily income from their assets.


The operation of (How it works)

Before you can start earning money through this online earning platform, you must first register online as a member of this network website.


Before you can start earning money through this online earning platform, you must first register online as a member of this network website.


To begin earning hundreds of dollars, fill out the registration forms on their records processing system at World Wide To earn additional money, you can enroll in a special program given by the site.



When you recommend someone to using your referral link, you will be compensated with a commission in three levels: Level 1 - 10%, Level 2-5%, and Level 3-1%. Investment Packages

The following plans are available on

Hello Bike-3000

·        Price (₦): 3000

·        Daily income (₦): 120

·        Total income (₦): 14400

·        Purchase limit: 0 / 1


Hello Bike-10000

·        Price (₦): 10000

·        Daily income (₦): 432

·        Total income (₦): 51840


·        Purchase limit: 0 / 10


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Hello Bike-30000

·        Price (₦): 30000

·        Daily income (₦): 1410

·        Total income (₦): 169200

·        Purchase limit: 0 / 10


Hello Bike-100000

·        Price (₦): 100000

·        Daily income (₦): 4992

·        Total income (₦): 599040

·        Purchase limit: 0 / 10



Hello Bike-300000

·        Price (₦): 300000

·        Daily income (₦): 16500

·        Total income (₦): 1980000

·        Purchase limit: 0 / 10


Hello Bike-1000000

·        Price (₦): 1000000

·        Daily income (₦): 60000

·        Total income (₦): 7200000

·        Purchase limit: 0 / 10



Hello Bike-2000000

·        Price (₦): 2000000

·        Daily income (₦): 130008

·        Total income (₦): 15600960

·        Purchase limit: 0 / 5


Hello Bike-5000000

·        Price (₦): 5000000

·        Daily income (₦): 349992

·        Total income (₦): 41999040

·        Purchase limit: 0 / 5



Hello Bike-10000000

·        Price (₦): 10000000

·        Daily income (₦): 799992

·        Total income (₦): 95999040

·        Purchase limit: 0 / 5 Registration/SIGN UP

You have to register on this platform and thus accept the component in the newly created online earning website. Follow the tips to become a member;



·        Click on this link to continue;

·        Enter the specified entries

·        Then click on REGISTER to complete the registration methodology.

·        Good to go LOGIN

To log in to this platform as quickly as registered, you can;

·        Click this link to continue; 

·        Enter the specified records,

·        Then click on SIGN IN to get entry to your account. Withdrawal

You can withdraw money from this data processing equipment after you have reached the minimum withdrawal of N1,000, all you have to do is match the item of your withdrawal request with the information from your account.



Is this record-processing machine legitimate? cannot be categorized as a legitimate platform as no proof of payment has been recorded concerning this website.


Is a fraud?

There is currently no evidence to imply that this site is a hoax. But over time, we'll learn whether or not it's a fraudulent platform. Be prudent with your money.




Thanks for stopping by to read about the  review I believe you might have learned so much about this site, now it is up to you to make a choice to join or not.


You are free to share your experience with this platform with us via the comment section below. This will help us update this article to get others informed not to fall prey to all these scam platforms. 

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