Pit bulls dangerous bred to community

There have been videos going around the socials, on these videos it is evident that pit bulls are violent and dangerous to be living amobgs the society. 

This king of dog was bred for wars and to kill bears and other animals in wars. They're not meant to be pets and no training can make them otherwise.

People have mixed motions about giving their pits to SPCA because they think they've trained them from when they're small to be friendly towards people.
This is not fair because when the dog is out in the community with people who are not trained on how to treat it and who are not familiar to it's face it automatically becomes dangerous and violent.

Pit bulls are easily intimidated by short people which are mostly children and toddlers because of it's hight is also short therefore it attacks anything of its height. Pits are not toddler friendly at all hence the killings of children by pits is escalating.

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