Recipe on how to cook delicious silver Cyprinid (dagaa/omena)

Silver Cyprinid are small fish known as Lake Victoria sardine being that they are usually found in the lake. They are first dried up as a way of preserving them before cooking. They are known for their health benefits since they are rich in high quality proteins and other important nutrients as well as vitamins, it helps in health benefits such as lowering the risk of stroke and heart attack, regulating blood sugar level, it's low in carbohydrates, it helps in bones and teeth, immune system, energy and it also helps to prevent and treat depression. It's undoubtedly a very healthy dish! It's recommended to be included mainly in baby's meal due to it's nutrients,minerals and vitamins.


Cooking oil, salt, onions, tomatoes,dhania,hoho,ginger and milk(optional)


1.Prepare your omena by removing the unwanted particles.

2.Wash your onions, tomatoes, dhania, hoho, ginger and chop them and put in a dish but tomatoes slice them in separate dish.

3.Wash omena using warm water, as you put them in a separate dish.

4.Pour enough oil on the frying pan, according to the amount you want to cook.

5.Put your onions in the cooking oil and fry until they turn golden brown.

6.Put omena in the cooking oil and fry. N.b keep turning them slowing so that they don't break, until they are golden brown with a fine smell and slightly crunchy.

7.Move them to one side of the pan, then now put tomatoes, dhania, hoho and ginger, then cover them with your fried omena and cover them for some few minutes using a lid.

8.Now uncover and turn them slowly by slowly.

9.It's now ready but if you opt for some milk, then add to it and wait for some few minutes then serve.

10.Serve your omena with cornmeal mush (ugali)  or any other dish that goes in hand with it.

11.Enjoy your meal!!😉


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