Reviews on Astenergy, Pvsolar, Trensdaily, Dan, Soura Mine.


1, Atsenergy Earning Platform:  

Atsenergy is offline as expected on .xyz domain, but Online using a new domain name as (atsenergy) then add If you wish to register ask us for the link or use this invitation code (90e850). Such sites don't even last one month anymore. Atsenergy said, they had to add weekends for withdrawal bcoz more people were registering but that was a tricky sign of their exit to come, so as to entice in more deposits.

Remember, don't deposit cash on all such platforms, it's at your own risk of loss. Deposit their own money, that is, only what you earned free. If more people will join this group chat and follow these simple instructions, soon all this Fraudsters will no longer find internet theft lucrative. They will lose rather than make any meaningful profit. ASTENERGY was found to be operating with BRAD/FCB/DAN deposit accounts 🤦.


2, Trensdaily Earning Platform:

They're supposed to pay customers on 25th of every month. That is if they survive one month. They're now asking customers to deposit N1000 inother to withdraw on the 25th. Who does that if not Fraudsters? They refuse to accept the money earned. That's a sign of fraud. Deposit at your own loss. It is their payday from ignorant Investors not vise versa. Seat on the fence and watch they'll go offline after 25th.



3, Pvsolar Earning Platform: If you must deposit N3000 inother to withdraw N2400, something isn't right. That is loss already. Besides, only few will get alerts as usual. That is all the sign of an imminent exit offline.


4, DAN pro  Platform: 

This Platform is also offline. It didn't last two months Online just like we warned Investors.


5, Soura Mine: They restored deposit on Selar. We are waiting till they restore same for withdrawal. Till then, do not deposit your hard earned cash. Remember Christmas 🎄 is here.


More Updates soon.


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