See the Latest Couple in Town.

See the Latest Couple in Town.

Dear Sister, at the bottom of my heart, I wish to utilize this opportunity to unleash how happy I am by devoting the little time I have to be on my golden pen.

Fortunately, you have Always go with fortunes and favours wherever you step in to and there is no doubt that you will be a big blessing to your husband. 

And I pray also your husband to be a blessing to your.

Dear sister, notwithstanding the fact, I wish to let you know that marriage is not avenue for competition between husband and wife or a conflict zone.

However, marriage is the time in life when husband and wife who come together to be live a settled life, as a matter of fact, they establish a strong unionism which enables them to live in unity.

In life, nobody is perfect, so we come together as husbands and wives, studying one another carefully to know how we can relate.

It is pertinent to note that husband is equivalent to wife before marriage,they are equal to one.

At this juncture dear, sis Uche I wish you happy married life and pray God to bless you abundantly.

God shall surly give you uncountable blessings.

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