Soldier, Policeman Fight In Lagos

Wednesday 18 January 2023 Soldier, Policeman Fight In Lagos

A trending video on Wednesday 18 January 2023, has shown a soldier and a policeman getting into a fight on the road in Lagos State.


Some of their colleagues can be seen in this video trying to resolve the fight before tear gas was fired.


I was there yesterday when the incident happen!

What happen was that those army were passing one way due to heavy holdup and they meet those police taskforce and those police was telling them to reverse back that they can't pass through one way but those army already agree anyway, but one of those taskforce messager ( thugs) among them was abusing those army with yoruba language not until the driver of those army now heard the guy and interpreted it to the others! They wanted to beat the guy but the police officer now interfere because the guy was working with them! 

I was inside my truck when all this incident was happening because they cause serious hold up that yesterday morning


An altercation between a soldier and a policeman in Lagos State was caught on video and widely shared on Wednesday, January 18th 2023. According to eyewitness accounts, the incident began when a group of soldiers were passing through a restricted one-way street during a heavy traffic hold-up and were confronted by police task force members.


The soldiers were told to reverse back, but they had already agreed to pass through. An argument ensued between the soldiers and the police task force, with one of the task force members allegedly using abusive language towards the soldiers in Yoruba language. This led to the soldiers wanting to beat up the police task force member, but the altercation was intervened by the police officer.


The incident quickly escalated into a physical altercation between the soldier and the police officer, with other colleagues trying to intervene and resolve the situation. However, the situation further escalated to the point that tear gas was fired to disperse the crowd. The altercation caused a significant traffic hold-up, leaving many commuters stranded.


The video and eyewitness accounts of the incident have sparked a heated debate on social media, with many questioning the behavior of the soldiers and police officers involved, and calling for stricter laws and regulations for those in positions of authority.

It is important to note that the incident serves as a reminder that even those in positions of authority must be held accountable for their actions and maintain a professional conduct at all times.



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