The earth is made up of several concentric layers as follows:

A.The lithosphere

B.The mesosphere

C.The Barysphere

D.The hydrosphere

E.The atmosphere

THE LITHOSPHERE: This refers to the Earth's crust which comprises two distinct parts namely the sial and the sima.The sial and Sina are collectively referred to as the Earth's crust.

THE MESOSPHERE: Immediately beneath the lithosphere is the mantle otherwise known as the mesosphere.It is a very thick layer rich in a mineral called olivine.

THE BARYSPHERE: The inner-most layer is known as the core of Barysphere which was generally believed to be in liquid state because of high temperature and high pressure in the interior.

THE HYDROSPHERE: The ocean and seas found on the sial the outer part of the Earth's crust are collecting referred to as the hydrosphere.

THE ATMOSPHERE: Above the sial and extending skywards is the atmosphere made up of a mass of gases.



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