Surprise: Which state has the largest local government?

There are 774 local government areas and 36 states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The federal government is, without a doubt, the highest tier of American administration. The local government is the last level of authority, followed by the state government. In several states of Nigeria, there are numerous local governments. For instance, Kano State includes 44 local government areas, according to The Guardian. In Nigeria, which state has the largest local government area? Let's carefully determine this.

State of Bauchi

The Federal Republic of Nigeria's northern region contains this state. The Federal Republic of Nigeria's North-East geopolitical zone includes the state of Bauchi. The Toro Local Government Region is the largest local government area in the entire nation, according to a report by The Guardian.

The Toro Local Government Area is situated in Bauchi State, according to The Guardian. This local government region is around 6,932 square kilometers in size. The Guardian reported that this is the case.

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