The broken girl

a boy was playing basketball and he saw a girl. That day he wanted to see her every time he played,,, the girl's name was Cath, long hair, beautiful and sexy body, only one  she is the maid in that house and because of Cath's beauty many people notice her including a handsome rich basketball player the man courted her every day until it reached three months and she answered him....he became her boyfriend she showed him  here that he loves Cath, the man asked to go for a walk, the man's name is lorence and Cath agreed, a year ago, Cath gradually came to know the personality of lorence because she saw him with a woman but because of love  here she immediately forgives the man even though he is late in the act but he keeps doing stupid things over and over again they always argue because his boyfriend likes women  The woman wants to break up but the man doesn't want to come to the point where Cath leaves and goes to a far away place to work they have been together for six years but only two months into the job he found out that he is with someone else  boyfriend and There's something worse than this, he found out that he has a son who is 2 years old. He doesn't know what to do. He complained day and night and didn't work. He didn't have food. He was so sad about what happened that he thought it was too late for the man to cheat, so he changed.  she has a Facebook account and she has also changed her sim card, she forgot about the man but he is still chasing her even though they have been separated for 3 years. the story ends

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