Many people do complain about Referrals whenever they are introduced to platforms that require people before earning big and the hardest truth is that every online platform need people to grow that is why they do create a referral plan for their company to expand.


The referral plan is meant for members to perform by inviting people, family and friends in order to earn more money. If you are the type of person that is good in referring people to join the platform, you're likely to make good income daily or weekly depending on the referral commission.


In this article, you are going to discover some techniques that you can implement to start generating Referrals like a professional without cost. You don't need to pay for advert. It's absolutely free method of Referral acquisition strategies. All you need is just data, internet connection and 3 hours daily. Although it is not necessary you spend straight 3 hours but you need to be online for at least 3 hours daily.


It is no longer new that most of the time we spent online is on social media and the most visited ones are Whatsapp and Facebook. Forget about Tweeter Instagram and others, Facebook and WhatsApp are the most visited including Gmail but in this article I'm not going to talk about email. Here I'm going to talk about Whatsapp.





WhatsApp is a free, multiplatform messaging app that lets you make video and voice calls, send text messages, and more — all with just a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. With over 2 billion active users.


With the definition above, you can understand how WhatsApp is essential for business development. Each day we visit WhatsApp minimum of 3 times and we also view status. We belong to WhatsApp group as well.


There are three ways to get Referrals on WhatsApp which are:


1. WHATSAPP STATUS POST: One of the ways to get Referrals in the platform you belong to is by posting short information that summarize the benefits of the platform you're promoting along with your referral link. This is very effective if you have much contacts that view your status. There is an alternative if you don't have much contacts that view your status. You can easily advertise with whatsapp TV. Some WhatsApp TV has up to 2-6 thousand views daily.


2. WHATSAPP DIRECT MESSAGE: Another method of getting Referrals to your platform is by sharing your Link with your contacts in form of direct message. 


3. WHATSAPP GROUP CHAT: Here is the best way to get Referrals easily while using WhatsApp. Getting Referrals have never been better if you haven't tried this method. 


This method is a process whereby you join WhatsApp group chat that are related to the category of your platform. If the platform you're promoting is about how to make money online, then you have to join make money online group. 


In this case the group must not bear the name "Make Money Online" before you can join. It's not that necessary. But let it be the one that is talking about how to make money online. 


Now once you have join those group, you will just have to create a customize introduction message about yourself.


E.g: "Hello my name is Desmond. Sorry for sending you a direct message, I got your contact from a group chat we share in common. I'm an online income revenue generator. I show smart people how to make money with their Smartphone or laptop and I believe you will like it. Save my number as Desmond and reply Done for more information"


With the example of the introduction message, you can now get a bird eye view of what this strategy is all about.

Once you are done doing that, you will just have to click on the group info where you see the contact of group members then you click on each contact and send a direct message to them with the your introduction message.


Note, you don't have to Spam the group chat even if it's open for members to send messages. You can be removed and considered as a scammer. So the best way is to send them a DM.


Once they show interest in your offer, you will proceed to ask them if they must have heard about the name of the platform you're promoting. If they said yes, you can proceed to ask them about another platform you belong to and if they haven't heard about it, you can proceed with your offer. You can see that this method works for any online platform you belong to. 


One of the benefits of this method is that it helps boost contact for Whatsapp views because everyone who is interested to know what you want to offer after sending them your approach message, they will surely save your number as you must save theirs as well.



Conclusion: There is no one way to get Referrals, you're the one who is not putting effort on it. Sometimes it is not your family or friends that will help you by joining your platform, only strangers will.


That's the bitter truth. If you want to make money online, you have to be courageous and bold. You don't have to be shy when you want to make money.







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