The wise lawyer



A married💍 lawyer👨‍🎓 named🧔 Smiles B made love to his 👩girlfriend inside his car🚖, 👩The girl enjoyed😋 it so much that she forgot her panty.👙🙆‍♀️ Lol


On getting home🏫, his wife saw the girl's panty👙 in the car🚖.


👩She got mad 😠and tore✂️ it into pieces shouting 🗣️📣 Honey! Honey!! Honey!!! What's this?🙄


 Smiles B as a wise lawyer👨‍🎓 calmly replied.🗣️"My God🙆‍♀️, you've just destroyed the evidence(👙)of a rape case🍆😭 worth millions 💰


👩She quickly fell on her knees apologizing🙏 honey please forgive me😔 God will bring another one!🙆‍♀️😂



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