US Lady Cries out over monkey pox symptoms - Robin Hamm

A lady named Robin Hamm claims to have monkey pox from united state 


She narrates by Robin Hamm 

Yeah, I am convinced.  It is monkey pox I have.  Why are health professionals not wanting to diagnose this?  Why is there an agenda to make this a sexual disease or homosexual disease?  I have had one partner in multiple years and was in prayer/celibate prior to that.  Apparently another woman has had the same run around I have…. And now there are 2 kiddos who have tested positive for monkey pox in California, I believe.





I have several new pox coming up today …. so far only a few each day. 


As a chronic ill person, I am hyper vigilant about my fragile health.  I successfully avoided COVID, finally taking the vaccine in 2022. Haven’t had a cold in years as I am so careful.  


So this seems to be the 3rd wave (only a handful each time, but they are getting bigger)  and this is how MY pox present.


The pox begin as hard lumps under the skin …. Like a cancer nodule feels. I typically find the lumps because it is itchy, like a mosquito bite… and 2x cancer …. Yeah nodules are major PTSD. 




then after a few days, my skin turns red patch and gets swollen, still itchy …. gets more itchy as the lump dissolves and turns red and rises till I see which kind it will turn into. 


as the nodule comes closer to the skin, *sometimes it has one single white head pimple looking thing…. In middle of red patch. 




*sometimes the red patch turns dry and rough then dries/scabs up quickly.

 *sometimes multiple bubbles appear that look like perfectly round bubble water blisters. One was hard and not popable, one now on my knee is constantly popping and moist. 


My pox are quite small.

I have zero pox in groin, bum or breast areas.  So far all my pox are on arms, legs, and just starting hands. The first one came on the back of my upper arm. 


I am unsure if they are coming from inside me, or are passing from touching another part of my skin. So as of this afternoon I am trying to keep all of my own skin apart.… oh my it’s so hot to be covered…. And itchy.  


I bleached tf outta sheets today…. Only have one set (we ran from the house in Cortez 14 months ago, and not been back to clean up or pack, so have very little with us) hoping to wash them every other day till this clears up. 


I called so many places all over the country.  INCLUDING THE CDC…. CDC had a dude haltingly reading a script having ZERO medical background AT ALL!  He didn’t even sound like he had customer service experience or even strong phone skills.  Then sent me, frankly stupid generic posters you’d see in a public bathroom.  I called THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT run center for our public health and got worse help and care than a grassroots volunteer helpline!  


So folks, once again, our government is failing us.  It’s not only Biden, the traitorous orange magat king & crew installed morons to run this country into the ground just like he did Eastern Airlines…. And US cycling…. And everything else he has touched. 


Beware, monkey pox is here, they are not being honest with how it is being transferred or how viral it actually is …. How could they know if they only diagnose a demographic THEY picked?! 


Be safe relatives.  Monkey pox is a derivative of smallpox.  Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ 


Never forget, They lie about EVERYTHING!



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