Which One Do You Think Is Better? Egg or Avocado

Which one do you think is better? egg or avocado
1. Avocados are so rich in energy (A single avocado can provide 4 to 5 eggs energy).
2. Rich in a variety of content. The only avocados, of which we need daily is Vitamin K: 26%, Folate: 20%, Vitamin C: 17%, Potassium: 14%, Vitamin B5: 14%, vitamin B6: 13%, Vitamins E: 10% of it.
3. If a fatty food contains a lot of food, it is not as harmful as other food. In our heart, it brings health not harm like others.
4. Because it contains chemicals called antioxidants, it gives a great risk to our eye health.
5.It has a great role in preventing joint pain called arthritis.
5. Foods in the stomach especially from plants are beneficial for better digestion.
6. People who eat avocados are healthier than people who don't.

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