12 Mistakes You Must Avoid In Dating/Relationship And Marriage.

In the course of dating a new suitor or in a committed serious relationship or in a marriage union, you are certain that you and your partner are in this marital voyage for the long-term.

However, there are some vital things you may take for granted which can cause intense cracks in your relationship if undetected and solved quickly. 

How can you detect these relationship mistakes and solve them promptly? Below are the 12 mistakes you must avoid in dating/relationship and marriage with the appropriate solution in order to boost your serious relationship or marital union tremendously.


As a single lady eager to settle down in marriage, you should realize that dating/relationship is not a business venture. Therefore, it is not the responsibility of your male partner to provide for all your needs since both of you are not yet married. 

The purpose of dating is for two people to study each other during courtship period. Therefore, in order not to scare away a potential marital partner, you should stop billing male suitors continuously and get yourself a reliable job to provide for your numerous needs. 


In the course of dating, if your caring male partner ask you: 'How are you doing?' Don't respond negatively always by saying: 'I am not fine because I am hungry.' That regular negative response will project you as an over-dependent lady. 

You should realize that it is not the responsibility of a guy you are not yet married with to feed you everyday. Indeed, a caring male partner can give you money sometimes and even surprise you with gifts, but that is not his sole responsibility. Allow him to do it on his free will. 


As a responsible single lady, you should allow your male partner to be free from your financial burden. If you keep on demanding for money or expensive gifts always, he will take you for granted and will also be demanding for regular s*x. Therefore, don't cheapen yourself. Remain decent, caring, valuable and trustworthy.

Also, you should stop getting into dating/relationship with high expectations from male suitors. The reason is because high expectations will demoralize you and you will get disappointed for nothing.


As a married man in a committed marital union, don't ignore your wife the whole day and expect her to be loving towards you in bed at night. If there is any on-going disagreement between both of you, resolve it amicably and allow your loving interactions to be continuous.


As a married woman that wants continuous peaceful marriage, don't shout always at your husband or speak to him with disrespect and a tough tone. 

If you are doing this regularly, don't expect your husband to enjoy talking with you. He will be cold towards you and withdrawn. Hence, if you are fond of such marital anomaly, change quickly for the better and prevent your marriage from crashing.


As committed married couple, don't be so guarded with your Smartphone and expect your marital partner not to be suspicious or suspecting you of indulging in extra-marital affairs.

For instance, don't be picking phone calls late at night, texting messages on your phone when you are sleeping in bed with your husband or wife or rushing quickly into the toilet to answer a phone call when you are together. Such curious actions can cause conflicts due to infidelity suspicion. Hence, avoid them to ensure true love and marital peace.


As loving married couple, in order to avoid messy marital conflicts, don't cheat or make your partner think you are cheating. You should not indulge in extra-marital affairs and don't turn down your partner's romantic advances repeatedly. Be satisfied with the total loving care and warm affection of your husband or wife.

Eros is the intimate love between husband and wife. It is romantic, erotic or s*xual love. Hence, to avoid marital conflict, you should have erotic love only for your spouse and not for someone else. Erotic love is a mutual bond in a meaningful marriage.


In your marriage, ensure that your marital union is laid on strong Godly foundation. Therefore, don't veer away from Godly virtues. When both husband and wife remains God fearing, caring, friendly, humble, trustworthy and sincerely religious, their marriage will be peaceful and loving.


As married couple, in order to entresh true friendship and mutual understanding, don't judge your marital partner unjustly. Don't keep reminding your partner of his or her wrongs. If you are fond of doing this, don't expect that your partner will be confiding in you about his or her true feelings and struggles.

Also, don't mistreat your marital partner in public if you expect your husband or wife to enjoy being around you with other people during outdoor activities.


In your marriage relationship, if you are reckless with finances, your marital partner will not trust you in financial decision making. Don't ignore your partner's request for you to change. Soon, your partner will become fed up. Hence, if you want your husband or wife to remain caring, ensure that you change for the better to gladden him or her.


As loving married couple, in order to foster continuous true love, don't be mean to your husband or wife. Let your marital partner see God's love through you. 

Agape is divine love and unconditional because it accepts people as they are. This Godly kind of love is sincere, permanent and undemanding. Agape love will prevent physical, verbal, emotional and nasty abuse in marriage relationship.

Hence, Agape love is the solution to marital conflicts, unforgiveness, selfishness, envy, malice, slander, disrespect, adultery and many unpleasant issues in marriages. 


In your marital union, don't keep repeating the same error and don't take your husband or wife for granted.

Don't push away your marital partner or acting like you don't need vital help. Therefore, seek necessary help and loving support from your partner without forcing yourself to be there for him or her.

Also, don't speak anyhow to your husband or wife especially when you are angry. Be respectful and make your partner feel loved always.

In conclusion, true unconditional love is the greatest force in the world because it is trusting, loving and forgiving. Nowadays, the major cause of regular conflict or eventual divorce in marriage is lack of true unconditional love. 

It is unfortunate that many married couples divorced due to lack of sincere love from the onset of dating/relationship or because one or both partners fell out of love. Hence, to be sincerely in love and truly intimate with your marital partner will make your marriage work, whereas lack of true unconditional love can break it.

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