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2. Write a review about earning sites, apps.

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Write on Reviews category to earn more.


Reviewing different types of plaftorm you have knowledge about can earn you more money on #lodpost   you can reviews websites, apps or any products you want.


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New tips on products Reviews 


Evaluate the product from a user's perspective.

Demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about the products reviewed – show you are an expert.

Provide evidence such as visuals, audio, or other links of your own experience with the product, to support your expertise and reinforce the authenticity of your review.

Share quantitative measurements about how a product measures up in various categories of performance.

Explain what sets a product apart from its competitors.

Cover comparable products to consider, or explain which products might be best for certain uses or circumstances.

Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of a particular product, based on your own original research.

Describe how a product has evolved from previous models or releases to provide improvements, address issues, or otherwise help users in making a purchase decision.

Identify key decision-making factors for the product's category and how the product performs in those areas (for example, a car review might determine that fuel economy, safety, and handling are key decision-making factors and rate performance in those areas).

Describe key choices in how a product has been designed and their effect on the users beyond what the manufacturer says.

Include links to other useful resources (your own or from other sites) to help a reader make a decision.

Consider including links to multiple sellers to give the reader the option to purchase from their merchant of choice.

When recommending a product as the best overall or the best for a certain purpose, include why you consider that product the best, with first-hand supporting evidence.

Ensure there is enough useful content in your ranked lists for them to stand on their own, even if you choose to write separate in-depth single product reviews for each recommended product.

Product reviews often use affiliate links to products listed on an ecommerce site, so that if a shopper finds a review useful and follows the provided link to purchase a product, the creator of the review is rewarded by the seller.



Product reviews can be a great resource for shoppers when deciding which product to purchase. When writing reviews, focus on the quality and originality of your reviews, not the length, following as many of the above best practices as you are able. This will deliver the most value to shoppers reading your reviews.