Action is all that makes the difference between a person that has plans and executes it, than a person who dreams and plans but doesn't executes.


No matter how big your dream is, if you fail to take necessary steps it only becomes a day dream. Most people say things like I'm waiting for the perfect moment to take action, but the reality it that there's never a perfect moment to take action, but for every time you take action , it becomes the right moment that takes you closer to success.


I know you're scared and unsure, but there's no better time to pursue that dream than now. Success doesn't happen without failure , learning or loss. 


Choose not to wallow in self pity, procrastination and self limitations because of past mistakes and failures. Choose to see possibilities, embrace growth and change, and use every obstacle as an opportunity to learn and develop your self. Take your mind off all limiting labels.


Purpose, dream and imagination without action amounts to nothing.


You cannot afford to put off plans anymore, you have been putting them off for too long, it is time to act. Your future depends on it; Your family depends on it, your entire life depends upon you next action.





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