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Admin's announcements, "Dear ASJ members, the funds you have withdrawn have exceeded 200% of your share capital, and you will be released in a second batch of linear releases after 14 days." they promise that in July 22, the withdrawal will run smoothly but they make another excuses.




ASJ Forex Global's proprietors guaranteed that the capacity to pull out would be reestablished at 09:30 am on July 11, yet typically that ended up being obviously false.


It is obvious from the remarks of survivors of the trick on shopper survey sites, Reddit discussions, YouTube and TikTok that ASJ Forex Global have changed over exchanging accounts into "value accounts" without asking consent, and clients are permitted to pull out a measly 0.05% of their record balance.




ASJ Scam, Cannot withdraw equity due to another excuses

This sort of trick - a Ponzi plot - has for quite some time been rehearsed, yet unavoidably finishes in breakdown. Notwithstanding, the people behind ASJ Forex Global don't appear to have surrendered at this point and are wanting to trick more individuals into giving them their cash.

The suspension of the withdrawals was legitimate by the ludicrous case that ASJ Forex Globalwas during the time spent concluding key subsidizing from JPMorgan Chase, quite possibly of the biggest monetary organization on the planet.


Throughout the course of recent days, a few questionable web-based web journals claiming to be monetary news sources have run articles purportedly affirming this phony news and introducing ASJ Forex Global as a main worldwide forex representative getting an essential venture from JPMorgan Chase for the subsequent time.



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