BC.GAME invests 700 ETH to improve the Metaverse

It is thought that the cryptocurrency sector would be able to supply its users with a superior metaverse ecosystem as a result of the cost of 700 ETH.



BC.GAME has developed a brand new crypto iGaming platform that is able to support numerous chains as well as web3 ecosystems. This was done in the aim of enhancing the metaverse environment. In addition, in honor of this event, it will be organizing an NFT giveaway where the prizes will be of great value.


BC.GAME upgrades


BC.GAME, the winner of the 2018 Crypto Casino of the Year award, has made the decision to support the metaverse in offering users with a new and improved experience. This initiative is just one of the many steps that BC.GAME has made to ensure that all of its players have access to the greatest customer service and features that are currently available in the cryptocurrency industry.


BC.GAME made investments worth a total of 700 ETH in the following cryptocurrencies: 5 BAYC, 3 Crypto Punks, 1 Clonex, 2 Azuki, and 3 newest Art Gobblers. In addition to this, it acquired a complicated collection of NFTs that are presently for sale. Open Sea is the largest marketplace for NFTs, and users there can purchase and sell NFTs using smart contracts. The BC.GAME NFT collection is now available on Open Sea.


BC.GAME has developed a crypto iGaming platform that is capable of supporting many chains and web3 ecosystems. This is in addition to the company's support for the development of the metaverse concept and the NFT investment. The many chains minimize the need for a middleman and enable efficiencies in purchasing, running, and studying the business. Additionally, web3 ecosystems provide a variety of benefits, including greater control over the ownership of data, increased freedom in engagement, and enhanced safety.


BC.GAME is giving free NFTs.


BC.GAME is continually releasing updated features and hosting giveaways. Recent announcements include one regarding the debut of a new NFT prize.


The following are the incentives that can be won from the NFT giveaway:


One winner will receive a Mystery Box containing an NFT valued 2.5 ETH (s)

Winner of Meka #3895 for 1 person (s)

Winner of Meka #5369: 1 person (s)

More information on the BC.GAME


BC.GAME is a community-based cryptocurrency casino that is one of the first casinos to support the Lightning Network, which revolutionizes both the casino industry and the world of blockchain technology. Since it first opened for business in 2017, the platform has offered players the most enjoyable experience possible at an online casino.


Because it has received so many prestigious awards from within the industry, BC.GAME has been selected as the Crypto Casino of the Year 2022. In addition to a wide variety of well-known cryptocurrencies, the platform is now able to take payments in fiat currency. Additionally, BC.GAME offers web3 community members industry-leading igaming solutions and supports NFTs as an asset for gambling, recharging, withdrawing, exchanging, and other services.


Users now have access to over 8,000 games, including sports, slots, live table games, and even the well-known Bitcoin (BTC) crash game as a result of the recent incorporation of sports betting. This number of games has increased significantly since the inclusion of sports betting.


Those who are not yet familiar with the BC.GAME platform should know that in addition to the newly added features of the platform, it offers a variety of benefits to users who are just starting out with the platform. Users of the BC.GAME platform have the opportunity to sign up for the website and receive up to 1 BTC. In addition, once they have registered, they are eligible for an instant redemption of a 300% deposit bonus. These are just some of the many advantages that are made available to players.


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