One taxi driver says:
One day in my taxi an aged mother entered with her daughter. This girl tells her mother about her husband's cruelty. Mother: my daughter do everything wisely. Me and your dad have been married 30 years and we have been together.
I do everything he says ok. And when I say "Okay" I leave it like I'm defeated, but eventually I'll reach my destination.
"Men are fools, you can buy their heart with one word"! She said it all.
Driver also said: how come she said men are dumb and looked at her in the eye 😡🤬.
Females understand my anger, it doesn't concern you. You said you look like a good, thoughtful and kind person.
Driver: As soon as the wife says this to me, I just smile without thinking.
The wife said: She kept her voice down, my daughter, did you see that they are fools, they are fooled by one word? 😆 she said it again and again it got me deaf.

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