There are many other medicines that are used to treat pain (Antipain, such as diclofenac) and many other medications that are used to not take up to the extent of the medical professional.
● Use less salt in food. Eating some fruit and veggies.
● Drinking enough water. We have to add more than two liters a day with our thirsty/windy weather.
● Stop drinking too much alcohol or stop at all.
● Cigarettes/cigarettes stop smoking
● You can't stay holding your urine while you urinate while you urinate.
● Getting enough sleep.
● Comparing our weight with our work.
●Making enough monitoring for diabetes and blood pressure.
● Also heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, prostate growth, and over 60 years of age at least once a year to do a Renal Function Test Ugh ugh.
● Doing enough exercise.
Exercise a total of 150 minutes per week (like speed walking, swimming, dancing, running, football etc).

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