Fxhood Legit Or Scam

Fxhood.net Legit or Scam?

About Fxhood

Fxhood formally known as Zenora is an investment site that claims each of their members can earn a passive income of about #256,000 in just 7days with as low as #1000.

How does it work?

All you need to do on Fxhood is sign up.

After signing up you will be ask to join the community with just #1000 were you will be merged automatically with new members and rewarded with #3000 in just 30minutes and you will need just two referals to be able to withdraw.

Here is a clear explanation of how it works..


Earn over ₦256,000 
in 7 days!

On Nigeria's No.1 forex trading community!


Fee: ₦1,000


FXHood is a risk-free way to earn passive income!

Features of FXHood


FXHood is one of the easiest ways to make legit money online! You can earn from both networking and investments.


Lowest risk for the highest reward! You can earn over ₦256,000 in just 7 days with ₦1,000 only!


On FXHood, there is no exit scam! No one can run away with your money even if they wanted to.

How it Works (Networking)

Members can earn from both Networking and Investment. The FXHood Networking is a user acquisition program that rewards users for their referral activities. There are 7 networking levels on FXHood, and every member starts from L1 and keep upgrading till they reach L7.

LEVEL 1 (30 mins)₦1,000/fee₦3,000/reward
LEVEL 2 (24 hours)₦4,000/fee₦8,000/reward
LEVEL 3 (24 hours)₦8,000/fee₦16,000/reward
LEVEL 4 (24 hours)₦16,000/fee₦32,000/reward
LEVEL 5 (24 hours)₦32,000/fee₦64,000/reward
LEVEL 6 (24 hours)₦64,000/fee₦128,000/reward
LEVEL 7 (24 hours)₦128,000/fee₦256,000/reward


Fxhood has a very poor review on every scam verification site for now it is not known if the site has scammed anyone, but i will advice if you feel #1000 is too small to lose then you can give it a try.

I will say money does not come that easy, No body makes #256,000 with just #1000 while doing nothing so invest what you can afford to lose.

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