How to master the art of self care.

Self-care, as it says is taking care of yourself, treating yourself, and doing what's best for you. At this time especially during your adult years when work, school, and other responsibilities take up your time, you have to consciously make out time for yourself, take yourself on dates, and love yourself. As so many people do not know how to take care of themselves intentionally, I'll be providing tips that can help you give yourself the attention you deserve.


Congratulate yourself always: we all yearn to be appreciated but few of us appreciate ourselves. All you need is a pat on the back from you. Master and practice gratitude, speak kind words to yourself, and write down the things you're grateful for. The art of gratitude helps you have a positive perspective on life. It develops your mental health and it is the easiest way of self-care.

Care for your body: when you look good, your smile won't fade from your face. Caring for your body is an art, practice good self-hygiene, use products that are suitable for your skin type, wash your hair and style it elegantly and get your manicure and your pedicure done and look sharp and smart. I believe when you look good, you attract the good things in life.


Treat yourself like you are sick: you know how when you're sick you pay extra attention to yourself, well do not wait until you fall sick before you pay a little more attention to yourself. Eat that nutritious meal often, work out, rest, have the appropriate amount of sleep, and do something that makes you feel relaxed when you are feeling overwhelmed.


  Sometimes, self-care can feel bad at the moment like when you are saying no to a suggestion that does not favor you, setting boundaries for your relationships with other people, or not doing what the group does. It all comes down to self-care, you might not realize it at first but then find yourself in healthy relationships that's when it will dawn on you.


Self-care is very important and I hope you implement all that is in this article. We are all wired for struggle but we are worthy of our own love and attention. All the best.

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