Is strimpay affiliate real or fake??



Strimpay is an affiliate program and a survey task platform that pays members for daily tasks. 

It was established as a form of email banking to ease transactions across the globe. 

Primarily, it was created to serve as a means of email banking and transactional means where you can send and receive funds from all over the world just like Payoneer  and PayPal. 

As a means of appreciation, they created a referral program where you can earn a token for referring friends to use their services.

How to sign up on strimpay 

The  following steps will guide you on how to sign up on strimpay 

  • Log on to

  • Register and sign up with your full name, email and phone number. 

  • Confirm your email. 


After a successful registration, it'd take you to your dashboard where you'd be able to perform simple tasks to earn money.


How to earn with strimpay affiliate program


After you have successfully registered your membership with strimpay, your personal dashboard will be made available to you where you have access to simple tasks to complete to earn money. 

The following are steps / tasks to complete to earn money

  • Register a strimpay account. This account is your banking account where you can send and receive money into just like Paypay or any other email banking services. After successful registration, you will be rewarded with ₦500 withdrawable money. It will be credited instantly upon account creation. 

  • Like, retweet and follow strimpay on Twitter to earn ₦500. This will be credited instantly upon completion of task too. 

  • Carry out simple survey task and earn ₦1000. This will be credited upon task completion. 

  • Refer friends and earn ₦300 per referral. This will be credited upon task completion. 

In conclusion, after a successful registration, your earnings will be :

  • Welcome bonus ₦200

  • Survey ₦1000 per survey

  • Referral ₦300 per referral

  • Twitter follow ₦500. 


What will interest you the most is that the minimum withdrawal is 3k, and it's achievable just under few minutes of registration. 

Another added bonus is when you register on their app you also earn an additional  ₦500. 


How to use strimpay to send and receive money 

Like we said earlier, strimpay primary objective is to serve as email banking where you can send and receive money from all corners of the world. 

To receive money from fellow strimpay user, all you need to provide is the email you registered your strimpay account with, give to the sender and voila, your money is received, and can then be withdrawn into your local bank accounts. 


Another added advantage however, is that it can be used to purchase goods from e-commerce platforms like Jumia, Amazon, AliExpress, etc. 

Another instresting thing is that it can also be used to purchase digital coins like cryptocurrency, Nfts, etc with ease. 

To do all of the above functions, you need to create a virtual strimpay card;like in barter, to be able to use it purchase goods online. 


What are you waiting for?? Strimpay is here to stay. 

Kindly register now to participate in their affiliate program before it ends because they're on promo.

Once again, to register click on the link below to get started







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