Exploring the Switzerland of Pakistan Kalam valley

Kalam valley 


Kalam valley known for its enormous beauty can no doubtfully be called as the Switzerland of Pakistan. This valley is situated in the northern belt of Pakistan and belongs to the province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.




Entering to Kalam valley through it’s mesmerizing road in between mountains over pleased my sight. Kalam in itself is a wonderful valley surrounded by greens hills and snowy mountains. The river of Kalam flowing across the town makes this valley more stunning.


If we call this valley a paradise on earth would be a justice to the beauty of Kalam. With the beauty this belt has got most courteous people who by way will grab your hand and will be wanting you to visit their simple and stunning houses most probably made by wood.


If we talk about the stunning places of the valley so they are countless. First comes the main town of Kalam consisting a mall road and different hotels for tourists on the bank of Kalam river. Than comes forest and ushu river as a picnic spot it’s best and extremely beautiful. Going further in the area you will come across matalan, gabral, janshai meadows and than will come the breath taking beautiful mahodand lake which is usually the visiting point for the tourists who are found of camping. The mahodand lake is such a beautiful place and many festivals use to take place in their.


Fishing the trout fish is the specialty of Kalam valley and mahodand lake in particular. After mahodand lake comes kandol lake which is a wonderful green place.


And yes how could someone forget the blue water point whose view will skip your heart beat. In short Kalam is the place to visit in summers when sun burns your soul the breeze of Kalam will heal you all in just some minutes.


Once being into Kalam will never want to leave this beauty created by God at any cost.   



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