Our kenyan hairdressers

Hairdressing in Kenya.

It is known for making our women look good being that it's part of the outfit. However it's not an easy task,it entails for hardwork, patience and learning of new styles in the market.

One oughts to enjoy this work after being an expert, just like any other job this job requires etiquette.

One must observe hygiene, you can't just touch a client's head wheareas yourself looks shabby. You must look good first and smell fresh.

You must discipline yourself, you must show the client that you're an expert and you love doing your work.

However, it tend to be tiring at times since some hairstyles are complicated and time-consuming but there are clients that doesn't understand this, some happen to speed you up for no reason, some don't co-operate when it comes to positioning the head. Some will tend to show you that they know the particular hairstyle more than you. These are stubborn clients but one must be patient when it comes to such.

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