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With  Earn money by doing tasks 


Inviting Friends - $10

Invite friends, family, or followers.

Test Apps - $50

Test out apps in our Offer Center.

Do Surveys - $50

Voice your opinion in our Offer Center.

Challenge your typing speed - $0.2

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Highly welcome you again our online money makers! Highly good return to my new review about  earning platform 


We are surely certain that you are looking forward to know as to why the Wewealth links is trending everywhere on facebook groups., WhatsApp groups. Telegram Twitter and so on.


You want to find out yourself if  is really paying or not. Then welcome to this review of  real or fake.

Receive your bonus in just three steps!

1. Welcome

As a new member, you'll get a $25 bonus when you sign up!

2. Make money

Earn rewards by inviting friends, testing apps, completing surveys, and more!

3. Get Paid

You can withdraw money through a variety of withdrawal methods such as mailed checks, PayPal, Cash App, and Bitcoin.

Can you still found reliable platform, paying our members in time, Let's work!

Invite friends using your link to earn


About task buzz  worldwide earning site or app

Apps & Games

Test out free apps and games to earn! Test for the rewards, stay for the action!

Randomly recommend apps

Randomly recommend the most popular apps




Voice your opinion & answer quick surveys to earn!

Randomly recommend survey

Randomly recommend the most popular survey



It here is a quick way to make money without doing Yahoo, check the date and time all you need is register with my link and you get instant bonus of $25 dollars,you can only withdraw it once you have make up to $200.still confuse dm me for more details,here is the link to register 

Copy and share with your friends & family

2. Use our Sharing Kit to help you invite to more people

3. When someone clicks your link, you earn $0.50

4. When they join after clicking, you earn $50.00


per Click


Per referrals 

Download Apps Or Play Games To Earn

Download the apps or play games below to earn! Get paid up to $50+ to beta test apps or games. Make sure you follow all the instructions.



Randomly recommend the most popular game




Randomly recommend the most popular App 


Invite & Earn

Share your referral link with your friends to earn. Earn $2 for every friend who clicks your link and $10 for every friend that signs up.

Offer Center

Download and test free apps or play games to earn (added to your account within 5-10 minutes)










Spin the wheel and win cool prizes everyday!

JACKPOT and additional features Giveaways, Rewards and SLOTS. 

How to get started

1. Sign up & redeem $25 bonus!

2. Start sharing and earning

3. Earn money in the Task Area

4. Cash Out earnings!

Join Wewealth Community Today!


1. Welcome

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2. Share

Get paid for sharing your unique invite link with friends, family, and colleagues. Get $0.50/clicks on your link and $50 per invites!


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3. Withdraw

Instantly have access to your money at any time! Wewealth offer withdrawls through PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Bitcoin, and More.

As the community grows and members become more involved, your impact amplifies. Within the last three years,  community members have completed over 500,000 surveys, 3M+ Downloads, and 300M Clicks, and those numbers continue to grow.


While some Networks make their users wait years for payments,  members have instant access to their funds once completing the withdrawal process. By being a part of the  community, you are actively shaping the world around you.

How can I earn?

We offer various ways to earn on our platform.


- Get paid for clicks ($2)

- Get paid for invites ($10)

- Get paid to test apps ($25+)

- Get paid for your opinion ($25+)


I completed an offer from the Offer Center but wasn't credited?

After completing a task, please allow 5-10 minutes for it to register back to our system. If you still aren't credited you either did the task incorectly by not following the directions, OR you already completed the task in the past. If you still think it's an error and can provide proof, please contact your manager below.

Examples of Generating Unauthentic Stats



• Repeatedly clicking your own link

• Using different devices to click your own link

• Using a VPN to click your own link

• Buying fake traffic from fake traffic sites

• Using any software to generate fake clicks to your link



• Signing up under your own invite link repeatedly

• Using another device to sign up under your own invite link

•Using a VPN to sign up under your own invite link

• Using any automation software to automate the referral process

• Buying fake referrals/invites from fake traffic sites

• Renaming an old video with the video title provided on the YouTube Submission page.

• Creating multiple fake short videos that clearly do not have anything to do with Earn and Go



• Using a VPN to attempt to complete a task multiple times

Ways To Earn

Below you can find some of the ways you can earn on  and how much we will pay you!

Refer people

Earn $10

Get clicks on your link

Earn $2.00

Download apps and play games 

Earn $50+

Watch videos 

Earn $30+

 You MUST actually complete offers in order to be credited. When you follow all instructions, credit is added to your account within 5-10 minutes of completion.

We have had a lot of users simply clicking an offer and not following directions then complaining.

**Offers update only when you follow all the directions**


Enter the verification code to make money! Internet companies need to enter a large number of verification codes every day, and they pay us to help them reduce a lot of complicated work. Each input of a correct verification code can earn $0.2

Apps & Games

Test out free apps and games to earn! Test for the rewards, stay for the action! is an earning network dedicated to monetizing social media traffic. Many of the high engagement influencers on Instagram have already signed up for our platform.

I completed an offer from the Offer Center but wasn't credited?

After completing a task, please allow 5-10 minutes for it to register back to our system. If you still aren't credited you either did the task incorectly by not following the directions, OR you already completed the task in the past. If you still think it's an error and can provide proof, please contact your manager below.


At Wewealth you can withdraw to PayPal, Cashapp, bitcoin, gift cards, Western Union, payee and so on.

Wewealth or  global earning platform

Wewealth or  App 

Wewealth or  App  review

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Wewealth or  global earning platform Affiliate Program

Each member who registers with your reference link helps you to progress in level. The higher your level, the shorter the mining time.


Are you looking to know how  Wewealth or  App works? You want to know how real is Wewealth or  App ? Then welcome to my nreview on Wewealth or  App . Search no more because you are in the right place at the right time in other not to get scam ever again visits  whenever you have a new plaftorm 


Welcome to the full  Wewealth or  App  Review. Real or fake. Let's find out now.

Welcome to Wewealth or  global earning platform Financial Solution!


Enjoy financial freedom and participate from anywhere around the world.

Invite your friends to join and we will reward you with none inf paid directly to your bank account.

Please visit this page Daily or  to check updates of scam alert or legit regarding this platform called Wewealth or  global earning platform.

Wewealth or  App currently trending online as a plaftorm that claims you can make money monthly and earn points registration bonus, earn money to do tasks. Earn per investment earn money per referrals with only Lower minimum withdrawals as low as 300 dollars 

 Do you believe this? Find out what is hidden behind  Wewealth or  App    now!

You might have seen  Wewealth or  App referral links or URL on Facebook, telegram or WhatsApp by friends or groups members. You are wondering if truly the platform is paying but since you want to confirm. You need to check  Wewealth or  App  or 0Wewealth or  global earning platform review to know if  Wewealth or  App  is real or fake. That's why you discovered the blog But with all due respect we will give you the best answer regarding  Wewealth or  App.

 Wewealth or  App is currently giving each user some cash  per registration only and earn commission per referrals. That's why alot thinks it's good to try out.

At the end of this Review we will show you a Legit way to make upto 3000 dollars monthly just writing articles for free with

Hello People, Welcome to my  Wewealth or  App Review Discover everything you need to know about  Wewealth or  App Wether  Wewealth or  App is real or fake. Is Wewealth or  App legit or not. 

 Wewealth or  App Review. Real or fake. Find out if this plaftorm is fake website or another form of a ponzi. 

 Wewealth or  App claims to help you make money when you register and earn sign up through  Wewealth or  App referral program. Isn't that easy? What are you waiting for try it out now.

 Wewealth or  App  plaftorm or site encouragement users to invite friends to earn money from  Wewealth or  App or  Wewealth or  App   and can withdraw to their bank, Ethereum, bitcoin, PayPal account or bank via wire transfer after reaching minimum withdrawals you can use bank as means of withdrawal if you want. Let's continue deeply about this platform. First of all we thank you for reading this review because the truth of About  Wewealth or  App  or  Wewealth or  App  is about to be exposed. Also at the end of this Review we will present you a Legit money making platform free of charge.

To make real money online is now hard in this century where many scamming platform are created daily just to take advantage of us by asking us to complete tasks which can only benefits the site owner or CEO, if he or she runs sponsorship ads or affiliates ads the owner can pay fews people in return of what he or she earns from ads revenue. 


Find out to know if Wewealth or  App  Fund is good to deposit or not.

In some case the owner might decide not to pay any one, unless people subscribe to premium plans with real money. So it's hard for people to trust newly launch platforms or invest your money into it. We at always recommends users to check online reviews of any platform related to pay per tasks or pay per viewing ads. 

We have decided to review this a new investment platform called  Wewealth or  App  or  Wewealth or  App  in which we are going to give you all the necessaries details we know regarding this new pay per referrals platform.

About  Wewealth or  App  platform

 Based creative online

money making platform.


Email :  global earning or  global earning platform

Start earning today, with investment neccessary.

Register a new account to grab orders or login to an existing one.

Ready to start earning money!?

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How do I promote my referral link?


Promote your referral link on forums, blogs, comments, chat rooms, chats, facebook wall, facebook pages, groups, twitter, ptc sites, advertising websites to get link visits and earn money on every visit you sent through your link


When will I get paid?

The minimum balance required for payout is 300R and you can get paid through PayPal, Cheque, Western Union, Money Gram, bank transfer at end of every month.

How much can I earn?


You can earn without any limits, it depends solely on your efforts and how much you work to promote your link. Many of our top members are earning more then $10 per day and $70+ per month


This can't be real. Are you giving free money?

No, we are not giving away free money. We are paying you in order to generate traffic to our website. We will get paid from our advertisers for the traffic we bring to them.


with our reviews. Learn how to make money on  Wewealth or  App   or  Wewealth or  App   pay per referrals and a ponzi platform, know the requirements to join the platform. You don't need any phone number or email to get started just use any referral link and registration page will be assigned for you. We at welcome you to our website and don't forget to follow us on telegram. 

Many of online money makers still believe that it's impossible to make money online and some are even wandering seeing you holding phones daily without knowing what you are doing. Some thinks you are wasting your time instead of finding physical jobs you can do. This is something we are all victims of. Well the world is changing and technology is advancing to next levels. 

Actually the 6 most richest people in the world who are Elon musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Bernard anord and finally Jack ma of Alibaba all depends on online money to make a living. This people are worth more than $810 billion. 

Welcome to  Wewealth or  App  new get paid to do tasks platform launched worldwide users 

So use this as a motivation that online money is an immense opportunity for those that knows how it works. Well enough of the talking and motivation. Let get to why you are here. You want to know what is  Wewealth or  App  or  Wewealth or  App   platform all about. Presentation. How it works and many more. Once again thanks for following

What is  Wewealth or  App

Wewealth or app is not an investment plaftorm but a paid for doing tasks or surveys  and refferals rewarding platform where you can get paid for performing several activities. according to the site features you can actually make money by watching videos, installing apps, games and with referrals on Wewealth or  global earning platform. Wewealth is available worldwide. Examples Portuguese, Nigeria South Africa and United States 🇺🇸 

  Wewealth or  App might be or not be a ponzi scheme and your investment will depend on what you can afford to lose but we don’t and we never recommend it.  Wewealth or  App operates  and the currency is  dollars 

How to make money on  Wewealth or  global earning platform  Account        



Invite friends to register, you will get points, which can be exchanged for cash and can be withdrawn at any time


Ways To Earn

Below you can find some of the ways you can earn on Wewealth or  App  and how much we will pay you!


Invite people

Earn rewards 

Get clicks on your link

Earn rewards 

Download Wewealth or  App  app

Earn rewards+



Well. Making money on this  Wewealth or  App  might seems quite significant as it is like a ponzi scheme as we normally review. This platform can help you make money by inviting friends through your  Wewealth or  App referral link, doing activities such as depositing and friends will earn money instant registration bonus once they register through your link. 


Just Register yourself first on our website

> Login to your Account/Job Dashboard.


> Start doing easy little tasks or grabbing orders and earning will be started flowing into your account.


> Get paid for your completed tasks.


Registration is completely free! Sign-up using the form below and you can start making money online in a matter of minutes.



Earn by completing simple tasks from the comfort of your home.


Invite People

Need help getting invites? Check out our easy guides on our Invite Center. You can also track your invites in the Invite Center.

How to invite or refers members on  Wewealth or  App  or  Wewealth or  App referral program?


Refer Friends & Earn


Post your referral link to social media, such as facebook, twritrer, etc. You can also post your referral link

Share to Whatsapp group

Share to Messenger group

Share to Telegram group

Your friend clicks on your referral link and sign up ,you get one referrer, and you get extra rewards


There are a lot of ways promoting your referral link. You can provide your it to your friends during personal communication, emails, messengers chats, etc. You can also create a banner or text advertising campaigns (of course you should obey the advertising system rules). You can post your links in different kinds of investment-related chats, groups and forums. You can use any other king of promotions.


Invite friends to  Wewealth or  App  Account    

How  Wewealth or  App     referral work


Copy your Referral Link in Dashboard,Share Your Referral Link in Social Media,When Some One Clicks Your Referral Link,You Get commission in Your Account for every registration 

Invite friends to get rewards

 Wewealth or  App or VIP membership plans

This platform don't have membership plans or packages plans as per our own point of view. You can deposit on  Wewealth or  App  and  start earning.  Wewealth or  App  is base in Netherlands and Wewealth or  global earning platform   is available to download for worldwide users.

When was  Wewealth or  App  launched

Before knowing when was the platform launched first you must know when was the website created. Thus according to our discovery. Wewealth or  global earning platform was founded or created earlier in the  year 2022 27 June. Which can mark this site to be new platform but that doesn’t qualified Wewealth or  App to be real or fake unless we have scam or legit proof from its users by commenting on this post.


Domain Information


Domain Information

Registrar:NameSilo, LLC

Registered On:2022-06-27

Expires On:2023-06-27

Updated On:2022-06-27




Domain Information

Registrar:NameSilo, LLC

Registered On:2022-06-27

Expires On:2023-06-27

Updated On:2022-07-02



Domain Information

Registrar:NameSilo, LLC

Registered On:2022-06-27

Expires On:2023-06-27

Updated On:2022-07-02



How much we can make with Wewealth or  global earning platform 


Although I can’t say exactly how much you will be able to make on this website. It can be a dream come through if you are able to make even 300+ dollars or more on this site with  Wewealth or  App  investmen t strategies or referral methods. but nevertheless this might be or not scam website that was founded to make money from your efforts via your hard-earned investment.

  • Wewealth or  App  registration

  • Wewealth or  global earning platform

  • Wewealth or  global earning platform registration

  • Wewealth or  global earning platform com

  • Wewealth or  global earning platform login

  • Wewealth or  App  login.

  • Wewealth or  App

  • Wewealth or  global earning platform

  • Wewealth or  global earning platform apk

  • Wewealth or  App  registration

Who is the CEO or founder of  Wewealth or  App        


We have less information about who created the  Wewealth or  App website. Although The platform is not related to any existing platform. The owner is unknown. So we suggest you not to waste your precious time and your hard-earned money to invest.  Hence a ponzi scheme therefore you will regret for investing in the Wewealth or  App when Wewealth or  global earning platform finally crashes.

Is Wewealth or legit  is not legit because this platform is using its members to promote videos, apps and games that will only help the owner and not the members.


 Wewealth or  App can not be Legit forever because it's also a ponzi scheme that can crash once they have accumulated alots of money from thousands of members.  Also for people to make alot of money just with  referrals methods mark  Wewealth or  App as a suspicious website since the CEO is unknown..

Is Wewealth or scam  is scam because no real paying plaftorm will offers you $25 sign up bonus and earning upto $40 per Five minutes offers games/apps tasks done this is just not true it's scam. 


Without being bias I will say my honest opinion is that this platform might be a scam and not legit as the domain was purchased newly..Do not invest your hard-earned money into Wewealth or  App it will might pay or not pay because they might crash anytime.

Login  Wewealth or  App

  • Login to your  Wewealth or  App   or  Wewealth or  App   will require you your email and password 

  • Go to the login page Enter your Registered email Enter your password Click Login 

Registration  Wewealth or  App        

Registration to  Wewealth or  App  Account  will require you your names, email and password. Referral code is not compulsory but if needed use my registration link

  • Go to the registration page  Wewealth or  App     

  • Enter your number or Email and name

  • Enter your password 

  • Click Register  Wewealth or  App   

How to withdraw on  Wewealth or  App     

•The withdrawal time of Etsy is usually within 24 hours, and the service fee for each withdrawal will be charged a certain fee by the cryptocurrency system.

• In order to avoid frequent payment and cause Etsy to incur additional taxes, the minimum withdrawal amount is 30 USDT

※At the request of relevant departments, in order to prevent members from being suspected of money laundering and other illegal activities, Etsy members need to complete the order volume corresponding to the user level every day before they can withdraw.


Earning Withdraw


Payment Status:  Active


Next Payment:  Net 30 days


  Payment Type: Cheque


Minimum Withdrawal:$100

Once you want to withdraw your money on  Wewealth or  App  or  Wewealth or  App  account I guess you will also have to refers some certain amounts of users. You can withdraw to your cryptocurrency account or gift cards such as amazon gc.

 Please fill in your real name, account information, and bank name before withdrawal

. The withdrawal time is from 10:00 in the morning to 22:00 in the evening, with one withdrawal per day, with a minimum of 120 Rands. In order to prevent criminals from malicious money laundering or occasional bad behavior, all member accounts that have not completed member-level tasks are not allowed to withdraw funds. Members need to complete the corresponding lower-level tasks to withdraw the full amount. After the withdrawal is successfully reviewed, T+1 (before 24 o'clock the next day) will be credited to the account. The arrival time is based on the bank arrival time.



Wewealth or  App contact address location  Wewealth or  App customer service 

Other support methods


support@Wewealth or  App 

Telegram Support

Telegram channel

 Wewealth or  App can be located at some big tech social media Facebook. Twitter and others. Also contact them via this link  Wewealth or  App contact.

Download  Wewealth or  App  apk  Account  apk


You can download  Wewealth or  App  apk if available on  keep in mind that  Wewealth or  App  is a pyramid scheme.

 Wewealth or  App payment proof

I didn't came across payments proof regarding  Wewealth or  App   or  Wewealth or  App  . if you believe this is a real legit plaftorm in  please don't hesitate to comment on this post below

Conclusion on  Wewealth or  App   


After spending hours composing this articles. It has never be that easy for us to know exactly how this plaftorm actually works but just as we reviewed alot of pay tasks plaftorm we hope you will acknowledge our information regarding  Wewealth or  App so in other not to get scam we advise you not to invest your money into this platform because it is a pyramid scheme.

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