This BMW 3.0 CSL "Batmobile" is available for purchase.

Hans-Joachim Stuck is a sports car racing legend, best known for driving Porsche 962Cs in the mid-1980s. Stuck was one of BMW's most effective shoes during the era of the E9-based Group 5 3.0 CSL, renowned in its ultimate form as the "Batmobile" before becoming a two-time Le Man's winner. That classic automobile was accompanied by a homologation special, a limited-run 3.0 CSL road car equipped with the enormous rear wing and front air dam that became renowned in the car's ultimate form. Stuck's personal car was one of those vehicles, a long-term loan from the firm. That automobile is presently on the market.

The car is one of only 57 Second Series homologation specialties and one of only 1265 total 3.0 CSLs. The car, like all CSLs, is the most performance-oriented version of the E9-generation grand tourer that began so much of the legend of BMW performance. The CSL abbreviation stood for lighter materials and, eventually, fuel injection. The Second Series is the most significant of the bunch, delivering the race-ready rear wing and the effective little stabilizing spoiler along the roofline.

Stuck drove this automobile on loan from the factory for less than a year before selling it privately for the first time to a professional skier he knew. The car has changed ownership several times since then and is now available for private sale by Kidston. There is no price given, but it is safe to presume that the car is reasonably priced.

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