Presently now in Ghana 🇬🇭 we are in Okro season. In Ghana 🇬🇭, this vegetable is popularly known as Okro while other Countries, it is known as Okra. It is because its long and slender nature that Okro is called lady's finger in part of Europe 🇪🇺. 

Okro comes in two colours, it mainly green and red but both varieties tastes the same and the red turns green when cooked. 

Okro is a vicious/slimy vegetable.

Okro as a vegetable likes a lot of water and warm environments to grow well. 

Okro is a very popular and delicious soup 🍲 recipe that is loved by a majority of people in West Africa, especially when cooked well. 

Okro can be used in making soup 🍲, sauce and stews, the entire Okro plant is edible; the leaves 🍃 can be used for preparing salads 🥗 or cooking soups 🍲 and pickled, boiled as well as a thickener for soup 🍲. 

Okro is loaded with vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber and is more than just a food but also a medicine. 

Some Health Benefits Of Okro are as follow:

It removes eyesight 

It prevents diabetes 

It stabilizes blood sugar 

It treat Lungs 🫁 inflammation 

It helps in weight management 

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